Husky safaris and activities

Huskies in front of a Lappish style hut in Ivalo, Finland

Daily Safaris

2-Hour Coffee Safari, 145€

4-Hour Lunch Safari, 185€

1-Hour Huskytaster, 85€

Huskies pulling a sled in Ivalo, Finland

Overnigh Safaris

2-Day Safari, 650€

3-Day Safari, 950€

Snowshoeing during special husky safari in Ivalo, Lapland

Special Safaris

6-Hour Safari, 245€

Snowshoe safaris 45€

Huskies pulling a wagon during early winter in Ivalo, Finöand

No-Snow Activities

1-Hour Wagon Ride, 75€

Farm Visit, 35€

Meet the Huskies in Action, 50€

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