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Huskysafarit Ivalossa

Vietä päivä rekikoiraretkellä extreme otteella!

Two people share a sled; one drives, and one sits on the sled. At the halfway point, the seats are switched so that everyone gets to drive the sled.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by our personnel, who lead you to the kennel to meet the dogs. Your guide makes sure everyone is dressed up warmly and then holds a short driving lesson on how to control the sled. The guide leads the tour through a beautiful forest, making a few stops on the way so that everyone can take some pictures. After the trip, the guide leads you into a Lappish style hut where hot drinks (coffee/tea) are served.

While enjoying the drinks and the warmth of the bonfire, the guide tells stories about the sled dogs and answers your questions. Before you leave, there is a chance to take the last pictures and give out the last hugs for the dogs, after which a taxi takes you back to your hotel.

The kennel owners and the guides are all passionate mushers who have dedicated their lives to the sport and the dogs. There are approximately 100 Alaskan huskies living on the kennel, and the dog pack consists all the way from puppies to elite racing dogs and retired oldies.