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We produce high-quality, in tough conditions tested sled dog racing equipment with years of experience.

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Extreme Huskies is a small familybusiness. Apart from the dogs and us parents there are two children in our family; Moona and Sisu who both are grown and raised amidst our dogs. Everything began in 2010 when Ossi was hired to work on a husky kennel, and a hobby turned into a profession. During that year Sini was also hired by the same company for various maintenance work, dogs and dogfood as her salary. Our first child Moona spent the first winter of her life in a safarikennel.

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After the first winter there was no going back. Working indoors no longer felt comfortable as a brighter future amidst the dogs awaited. New contacts were made and plans for seasons to come became clearer. Newlyfound passion for training and breeding sled-dogs was born thanks to Juha Periaho and Jani Hurnasti, who introduced us to the wonders of the sport in a profound way. Our dogs are still mainly based on those that we acquired from Periaho and Hurnasti. Juha and Jani also gave us the knowhow of making and fixing our own equipment, which was the basis of developing the products of our own desing to the level they now are.

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In 2012 we started our own business as our kennel had grown to the point that maintaining it required that the dogs worked for their livelihood. Sales of equipment started to pick up slowly after we had gone through the development and testing phases in various conditions, in racing and camping both.

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The dogs grow up with our family, thus they get used to being handled by children from an early age. Our goal is to raise tough, hard working sled-dogs that are easy to handle. Wellbeing of the dogs is a priority for us, so we pay extra attention on the quality of food, cleanliness of the kennel, and handling the dogs. A well kept sled-dog is a eager worker giving its top performance racing or joyriding in the wilderness.

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This website provides essential information of our dogs, products, and the competitions we have or will be involved with.


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