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Overnight Tour

Quick Details

2 Days Tour
Adult Ages 15+
3 Days Tour
Adult Ages 15+

Overnight Husky Safari Adventure in Finland

Adventure you will remember! Have you been dreaming about driving your own team of sled dogs trough the snowy forest and lakes, sleeping in wilderness in the middle of the winter when the only light is the stars on the sky and eating dinner on camp fire. Overnight huskysafari with us is a real adventure where you will learn how we are living with our beautiful dogs and learn many things about winter camping and how to survive in winter conditions.

When arriving to the kennel we check everyone have dressed up warmly, pack the sleds and learn how to control the sled before travelling to our camping spot. Everyone drives their own team of dogs and can take one backpack in their sled on top of other equipments. Daily travelling distance by dogs is about 40-60km depending on weather conditions. On the way we stop to have a lunch. All our food is made from fresh incredients and we always try to use local incredients as fish and reindeer on our food options.

When arriving to camping spot we take care of the dogs: park them, take away harnesses, put them on straw-bed and feed them. Then we unload our own equipments and make camp ready to ourselves. We sleep in the big Arctic Oven tent what warms up by a stove. In the tent we are loading beds and sleeping bags ready for the night, carry firewoods in the tent etc. Then it’s time to relax, make dinner and we will share stories of our dogs and other adventures. During the evening we warm up the tent where we are sleeping and if sky is clear there is very good possibility to see northern lights. All volunteers are able to have nice walk with snow shoes in dark snowy forest.

Morning when we wake up, we eat breakfast and then give morning drinks to the dogs. 3 day safari continues with a long day trip with the sled dogs through beautiful scenery around the wilderness where we enjoy the lunch on half point and come back in the evening to our base camp. On last day we will unload the camp, pack the sleds, harness the dogs and start travel back to the kennel. Travelling distance is approximately 40-60km and on the way we stop to have a traditional Finnish lunch.

The kennel owners and the guides are all passionate mushers who have dedicated their lives to the sport and the dogs. There are approximately 90 Alaskan huskies living on the kennel, and the dog pack consists all the way from puppies to elite racing dogs and retired oldies. Book your safari now and meet all the beautiful dogs!

How to prepare

  • Backpack were you need to have your own toiletry (tooth brush, tooth paste, possible medication etc), extra clothing at least one full layer (socks, long underpants, shirt)
  • In wilderness we don’t have electricity so powerbank is the easiest way to load your cameras and phones.
  • Remember that staying warm is all about having layers. In winter it’s easier to cool down than warm up.