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Who We Are


Our Story

Extreme Huskies is a small family business founded in 2012. In addition the dogs, our family consist of two children, who have both grown and been raised amongst the dogs.

Everything started in 2010 when Ossi was hired to work at a husky kennel. Soon after, Sini followed Ossi and started to work for the same company; dogs and dog food as her salary.

After the first winter of working with the dogs there was no going back, and soon a hobby had turned into a lifestyle. Working indoors no longer felt comfortable as a brighter future amidst the dogs awaited. New contacts were made and plans for the future season had become clearer.

Newly found passion for training and breeding sled-dogs was born thanks to Juha Periaho and Jani Hurnasti, who introduced us to the wonders of the sport in a profound way. Our dogs are still mainly based on those that we acquired from Periaho and Hurnasti. Juha and Jani also gave us the knowhow of making and fixing our own equipment, which was the basis of developing the products of our own design to the level they now are.

There are plenty of reasons to love us!



For us, dogs are family and working partners. There are approximately 90 Alaskan Huskies living on the kennel and all of them are friendly and happy to meet you!



To ensure the most authentic and relaxing experience we never use snowmobiles on our safaris. It is always just you and the dogs. We also make all our meals from scratch to ensure the taste.



We keep our group sizes small to ensure everyone has a good and enjoyable time. You can also let us know if you have special wishes for your husky safari, and we will do our best to make it possible!

Meet the family

Ossi Kaltti

Ossi is the heart of Extreme Huskies. The idea of own company was born after he found the passion for the sport while working with sled dogs and ever since he has been chasing his dreams, making them into reality one after another.

Specializing in the long-distance races, Ossi has participated already on dozens of competitions and travels thousands of kilometers every season during training and competitions. Ossi is also the founder of the largest sled dog race in Finland: the Gold Rush Run.

Sini Kaltti

If Ossi is the heart of Extreme Huskies, Sini is the support system; she is the one who makes it possible for Ossi’s visions to become reality by managing daily operations both from home and at the kennel.

Sini is passionate about the dog’s wellbeing and is responsible for training puppies and safari dogs while Ossi is training the racing dogs.

Sini competes in the mid-range competitions with the junior teams to help them to gain confidence and experience for future competitions.