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Open Unofficial Working Dogs World Champion Sled Dog Race (2013, 90km)


Unofficial MD competition in Muonio, skis Sini Kaltti, placed 2/7.

The first day of competition was demanding for both musher and dogs. The previous day and night had come with water and the temperature was on the plus side, so the start on the lake ice was more like the start on the lake. The blankets were forgotten in the car and I was pleased to have included the long-sleeved winter rubber boots. They were heavy but at least the feet stayed dry when water was at its best up to half the leg. I helped dogs as much as I could, but the career was really soft. The fact that the water was on the ice about twenty cents was, of course, heavy, but it was also soft. The dogs stayed better on the snow, but they were snapping at some places, and as they kicked in, their foot sank at best by almost half a meter. So there was no speed, but the dogs were put to the test. Excited from time to time, the dog was too stiff for the start and the dogs were clearly tired at the end, but I didn’t think I was the only one. The hat had to be lifted by Eliisa Kiiskinen in each of the four dog classes, crossing the road in such circumstances. The dogs tasted good food and rested. The start of the next day made me wonder because I wouldn’t like to do that again.

The morning of the second day was a bit harsh for both dogs and mushrooms. My muscles felt like something had been done, but fortunately the weather had improved. The night had been comfortably frosty and all places were now frozen. So I didn’t need a gap, but now my career was really slippery and there were deep grooves on the ice. The day went clearly faster than the previous day, but the dogs showed the previous day’s fatigue. Dalton was consulted a few times on directions where time was wasted. It was really exciting to finish the race, with Jessica we really raced and there was a lot of success after the dogs cheering and helping the dogs. In the end, there was a total of 20 seconds difference between the two days, which means the competition was really tough.

Team 1 day 60km:

  • Dalton – Voodoo
  • Dooley – Lola
  • Billy – Mora

Team 2 days 30km:

  • Dalton – Lola
  • Dooley – Teto
  • Billy – Mora


6 dog categories:

  1. Alister Dunlop 6.42.51
  2. Blue Guilty 6.48.05
  3. Jessica Ashberg 6.48.25
  4. Martin Saravin 7.33.42
  5. Martyn Stott 7.34.35
  6. Tapani Arpiainen 7.45.50
  7. Nathalie Stephens 8.23.28

4 dog class

  1. Eliisa Kiiskinen 6.53.40
  2. Briska Burri 8.48.30
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