Yes, you can arrive with your own car.

Please make sure to arrive in time; do not arrive too early but do not be late either. If you will be late or need help with driving instruction please call us immediately at +358 400 818 720.


You will get the kennel address after you have booked the safari.

We will send you the kennel address and the driving instructions to the kennel after you have booked the safari. The address you see on the website, Puhakantie 56, is not the kennel address, but the mailing address.

Yes, we can pick you up from certain areas.

We provide pick-up from the following areas:

  • Ivalo city area, free
  • Ivalo airport, free
  • Saariselkä, 15€/person for a round trip
  • Wilderness Hotel Nangu, 15€/person for a round trip

If you are not sure if your accommodation is included in the pick-up zone, please contact us at We do not provide pick-up from Inari or Kakslauttanen.

No, you should not arrive at the kennel without first making a reservation.

If you want to come to visit the dogs, you will have to make a reservation first (See “Farm Visit” at No-snow Activities). 

Please do not come to the kennel to make the reservation. You can make a reservation for a safari through our website, and if you have inquiries or questions, please contact us at +358 400 818 720 or at

Please note that the address on the website, Puhakantie 56, is not the kennel address but the mailing address. 

Yes, we provide some extra clothing free of charge.

We have overalls, boots, mittens, and hats. Please note that we carry adult sizes only, but if needed we can provide sleeping bags or blankets for children. 

Please remember that you should be already wearing a few layers of warm clothes under the overalls we provide. The clothing we provide is just the last layer.

NOTICE! Please note that 1h Program does not include any clothing from us. 

Please wear multiple layers of good quality, warm clothing.

Make sure that your whole body is covered and do not forget to cover your ankles, wrists, neck, and head. Also, make sure to wear multiple thermal socks because feet are usually the first to get cold. We can provide you with larger size shoes if your own shoes are too small to fit multiple socks.

Especially children and those who will only sit in the sled must wear multiple layers of warm clothing to stay warm.

Always check the forecast to see what the temperature will be like and consider your background when picking the clothing. If you come from a warm country, make sure to wear as much as clothes as possible. Disposable chemical warmers are also good to keep in hand just in case.

Read here Visit Finlands guide for dressing up for cold weather.


Yes, in most cases children can participate in the safari but note that customers under 18yo are not allowed to drive the sled.

A child (4-14yo) can join all the other safaris, except the overnight safaris. A young child (under 4yo) can participate in a 2h Coffee Safari, 1h Program and any of the no-snow activities.

Please consider your child’s age and ability to withstand coldness when booking the safari. The temperature may drop down to -35°C on the very coldest days and even on the warmer days the temperature usually lingers around -10-20°C.

Children get cold very fast, especially since they will be only sitting down. Please make sure your child is wearing as much clothing as possible. Feet get cold the first, so please make sure your child is wearing multiple warm thermal socks. Make sure the shoes are a few sizes larger than normal to be able to wear multiple socks. Disposable chemical feet and hand warmers are also recommended. 

Customers under 18yo are generally speaking not allowed to drive the sled. If we suspect that a customer driving the sled is under 18yo, we may ask them to present a photo ID. We reserve the right to deny a person to drive the sled if they cannot prove that they are over 18yo.


  • Full refund for cancellation made up to 30 days before the safari takes place. 
  • 50% refund for cancellations made up to 24h before the safari takes place.
  • No refunds for cancellations made within 24h before the safari takes place, including no-show and being late for the safari.


The dogs at our kennel are Alaskan Huskies. 

We have around 100 Alaskan Huskies at the kennel. Alaskan Husky is not an official breed, but rather a type of a dog. Alaskan Huskies are bred for their working ability and not for their looks, so Alaskan Huskies can have diverse different looks. The dogs at our kennel are friendly and eager to meet people, so feel free to pet them and take pictures with them!

Please contact us at

We arrange private safaris, safaris for large groups, personal drivers and other special safaris by request. For availability and prices, please be in contact with us through email.

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