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Coats, Warmers and Booties


  • adjustable fastening with velcro
  • coats are made to use over the harness
  • powerful reflector
  • also available with removable protection part of vulnerable body parts
  • small 15-20kg
  • medium 20-25kg
  • large 25-30kg
  • small 15-20kg
  • medium 20-25kg
  • large 25-30kg
  • softshell coat with fleece lining 40€
  • removable protection part +5€

Wrist Warmers

  • neopreme
  • size 20cm x 25cm
  • 8€ / couple


Cordura-rubber booties to off-snow training

These booties make true breakthrough for off-snow training conditions, and these really long-lasting! In autumn 2014 we use these booties 150km before the snow came and these booties went slippery. We use these in worst possible ground and not even one gone broken.

Several sprint to long distance mushers has tested these booties in last autumn, example Finnish  most successful long distance mushers has been very satisfied for test booties and now use these booties for off-snow training.

Although the rubber on the top, bootie is flexible and there is stretchable velcro fastening.

  • small 9cm wide
  • medium 10cm wide
  • large 12cm wide

3,00€ / Qty


Rubber Booties

(for long arm)

Same as cordura-rubber bootie, but developed for hunting dogs. Long arm and two stretchable velcro fastening guarantee that booties stay in the leg, behind is cleft what makes easier to put and take off the booties.

  • 5€ / Qty