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For Musher

Mittens for handlebar

  • materials: softshell and polarfleece, velcro fastening
  • available also with inside pocket for chemical handwarmer
  • top: black, blue, aniline red
  • lining: lime green, aniline red, burgundy

When making order remember tell what colors you want!

  • medium = 44cm girth
  • large = 48cm girth
  • 35€ / couple
  • with inside pocket 50€ / couple

Accessory Belt

(knife, navigator, snaps, carabine, battery and other equipments is not include accessory belt)

Steady, upholstered accessory belt with fast and lasting fastening in both sides where you can put equipments (those can’t flow to the back), and 6 D-rings (also possibility put more).

  • medium = 80cm – 100cm
  • large = 100cm – 120cm
  • also smaller and bigger
  • 35€