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Huge sled for multi-day adventures, a bit smaller sled for long distance races, small and light weight sled for MD-races? We built sled just for your purposes!

Custom made sleds for musher wishes:

  • how long bed?
  • heavy or light cargo?
  • small or long team?
  • seat or without seat?
  • how high from the handlebar?
  • how much and where all pockets in the sledbag?
  • colors of stanchions and sledbag?


  • About 19kg
  • 8ft long runners
  • Bed 120cm, coolerbox-seat back-part on the runners

Most popular model. This multi-use sled can use for everything: lightweight for smaller teams and tough for big teams, small and handy for LD-races or attach pulka behind and setup is ready for multi-day adventures!

Short bed makes the sled very agile to drive on curvy trails. Coolerbox on seat gives more space in sledbag.

Behind the seat is also space for strawbag. Behind the sled is also possible to attach pulka.

Starting price 2000€.


  • About 24kg
  • 9ft long runners
  • Bed 150cm, coolerbox-seat back-part on the runners

Basically same than traveller-model, but 30cm longer bed.

Starting price 2200€.


  • About 15kg
  • 90″ long runners
  • Bed 120cm

Very light weight, moves easily just for few dogs, still tough for longer teams also. With baggy-style sledbag this is handy also for LD-races.

Starting price 1100€.

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