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  • Summer-Autumn Activity!

Wagon Ride

Quick Details

Adult Ages 11+
Child Ages 4 - 10
Young Child Ages 0 - 4

Hop on the Husky Train Adventure

The guide will lead you through the kennel to meet the eager and lovable sled dogs. While you meet and take pictures with the Huskies, the guide will explain about the breed and the life with the dogs. You will then be seated on a wagon and the dogs lead you into a forest.

The guide will make sure to stop in the midpoint for you to take some pictures in the forest with the dogs. After the wagon ride, the guide will lead you into a Lappish style hut where hot drinks are served, and the guide will answer your questions! Before leaving, you get to give the dogs the last hugs and take pictures with them.

What to Bring

  • Please bring your smile and some photo ID!